Tuesday, 5 March 2013

How Often Should You Update Your Computer?

This question has been thrown around for many years, and it really depends on you. How often you use you computer and what you expect out of it. Its a known fact no computer will work like its brand new 5 years down the line. Many people say you should upgrade your computer every 4-6 years, which is reasonable but maybe not if your use it for work etc...

If you run many application on your computer then the recommended time you should upgrade would be every 3 years due to older operating systems struggling to run the new updates for applications and software's.

If you are happy with the speed of your computer and your only problem is hard drive space then you should invest in a portable hard drive to copy over all your files. That way if you do decide to change you computer in the future you can just transfer them over.

Obvious breakages and water damage may make you want a new computer but if the warranty is still usable then use it! You won't have to spend a penny.

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